1. hey thanks for commenting on my blog! This post is so touching. Wow.

  2. Thanks for the comment! look forward to following your blog

  3. This is a very true post. Thank you for this! I will think about that now every time I'm hungry!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. Oh my goodness - this post definitely found a place in my heart. Thank you for proving a point so eloquently. I frequently say things like "I'm so starving I could eat a whole cow!".....but now I know different thanks to this post. Beautiful post. xoxo

  5. No one better be rolling their eyes this!
    Such a serious and sad situation.
    I think it's amazing that you made a trip over there, definitely on my to do list.
    On a lighter note, thanks for stopping by!
    You have such a sweet blog.

  6. I really was touched by your story. I also wanted to say I really like your blog posts, and there are quite a few I wanted to comment one. I grew up not liking the word 'retarted' when people use it a derogatory term. My Mum had a brother who was mentally challenged and it stemmed from her dislike of the word. I really like seeing your photos and stories from Ghana. xx

  7. This is fantastic. I say that all the time and never even thought about it before. I'm your newest follower!!


  8. Wow! This is so sad. Thank you for posting about it. It is true, whenever I say I am starving, I am definitely just hungry. I never realized the consequence of my words until now. Great post!

    I am new to your blog! Can't wait to read more.