Monday, May 7, 2012

So close to being done!

Almost done with the semester. Almost done.

Currently replaying this new song.

Dancing like this guy every time I finish another part of this take home test. (15 pages done so far!)

Dreaming I am here, instead of surrounded by books and notes.

Wishing I could attend this playoff game.

Giggling with a bit of drooling over this video with Zac & Ellen.

Wanting these to cool me down from the AZ heat.

& this is just plain  adorable.


Life etc... said...

I feel your pain! Haha I just did a post on pretty much the same thing, but far more whiney ;) Guess we just have to remember that it's almost over! Sanity not guaranteed however... :)

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Cute post, love!! You can do it!!


Linda Jordan said...

Pretty much how I'm feeling right now also...
Except wishing I was back in the AZ heat instead of the icky, gloomy, cold of NYC.
But finals...ahhh, one more week!!
Hang in there :)