Friday, April 18, 2014

little balls of energy

Pssstt. Hey you, adventurer, I've got a super easy secret recipe for ya..

Come check it out!

When you are out canoeing and hiking in the wilderness (more like at a campsite) you need some energy to get you goin'! I decided to whip up these little balls of energy for a treat while my friends and I adventured during our weekend of camping. They were a hit & I highly recommend you whip these lil' energy nuggets up!

That's it. 4 simple ingredients. 
- dried dates
-dried apricots
-almonds ( i used unsalted)
-cashews  (i used unsalted)

Whip out that food processor, throw in half a cup of almonds and half a cup of cashews. chop chop.
Then empty into a separate bowl.
Process a cup of apricots and a cup of dates together, until its basically formed into one big ball.
Then take a little bit of the fruit and roll it in the processed nuts.
Energy balls!
It made about 16 little balls for me, but it really all depends how big your roll them :) 

(you may need to adjust the amount of ingredients. I kind of just threw it all together until it was the consistency that I wanted and the balls would actually stick together.)


Krystal Lynn said...

Yum! They look delicious. I wonder if you could sub peanuts for the cashews.

Visiting you from the Week's End Link Up. :)

Chantel Klassen said...

Oh I need some quick, energy boosting snacks like this! Totally going to pin it!

Elizabeth said...

these look so yummy!